Poor Erynn had six rabbits in her room in various cages, boxes, etc. for a few weeks.  Dean and I finally managed to get the chicken house converted into a rabbit house.  There is much more work that needs to be done, but here is the progress.

The initial plans:Lionhead Rabbitry

Dean did an amazing job.  I would have thrown something together that would have been sufficient but not as well done as what he did.

This chicken house was purchased six years ago at an Amish market near us.  It is still in great shape.  When I first bought the house, I had put in the cheapest tile I could find, and I am so thankful I put that over the plywood because it made cleaning much much easier.

chicken house beforeI started with power washing out the entire inside.   I pulled up a few of the tiles that were damaged and replaced them.

I then placed simple styrofoam insulation between the studs of just the bottom level (we will be doing the roof and upper portions prior to winter).  Next, Dean enclosed insulation with plywood.  This insulating had to take place before we could build the hutches as we wouldn’t be able to insulate later.

The complete project.   We based the dimensions on the dog crate trays that I had purchased for $10 each online months ago.  They are 2 feet by 3 feet – more than enough room for comfortable bunnies.

Dean did the construction, I built the dividers and the doors.  Teamwork!

do it yourself rabbit hutches


While there are currently eight indoor hutches, I will be adding up to four more on the top level prior to winter.  The next step is to build the outdoor hutches that will be for the heat of the summer – shaded, protected, etc.

I had to add the bench in here – it’s so clean and lovely to sit down and visit with the rabbits.  The wall on the right has four windows, and the wall with the door also has a window.  We may add one more window, some shelves, and I will be covering the windows with shade cloth as it gets warm and while we are building the outdoor area.

rabbit hutchesrabbit hutch

More than enough room.  I will start the nesting boxes next as some of the rabbits want to use their litterboxes as beds.