About the Maryland Rabbitry - Lionhead and Holland Lop Rabbits

Located in Northern Harford County, Maryland - Open by appointment only. Our clients are all over Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.


Anomaly Rabbitry was created out of an interest in genetics that began with the pregnancy of a champagne paint horse and birth of a made-famous-by-live-streaming-video foal.  What started out as a BEW (Blue Eyed White) lionhead rabbitry in order to study the Vienna Gene (responsible for blue eyes and white markings around the face and feet) has progressed into working on blue, chocolate, and black otter Holland Lops along with Lionheads.  We aim to continue to be responsible in our small hobby program and only breed several times per year.

Erynn Otte is your main contact for Anomaly Rabbitry.  She handles the breeding and care of all of the rabbits.  She is simply amazing when additional care is needed such as when a baby rabbit becomes orphaned or rejected.  She is truly the animal whisperer and maintains a high success rate bottle feeding  baby rabbits that is unmatched from our research.  

Erynn is attending college studying biochemistry with a special interest in genetics.  In her spare time, she rescues and rehabilitates small animals that happen to show up in her path, and she paints beautiful artwork.

Jodie Otte is the other half of the team.  She handles the website and the main photography on the site.  She is a professional newborn and child photographer and you are welcome to check out her other work at J. Otte Photography and Jodie Otte Photographer

She also runs the My Faux Farm blog which is where you can find the other animals and information on gardening, homesteading, caring for horses on small property, backyard chickens, and more.

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Our Rabbitry

Check back for some new images of our updated indoor facility.  We are incredibly pleased with how it has turned out.

Maryland Rabbits

We are a Lionhead & Holland Lop Rabbit Breeder Located in Northern Maryland.

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