Our Lionheads

lionhead kits

These are our Lionheads.  We must disclaimer that we do not spend hours forcing our rabbits into show poses during our photo taking.   We have noticed that most of them will do it on their own when they are relaxed in their comfortable spaces, but not easily on a table with a studio light.  We do not show our rabbits as we really do not have the time to get involved, but we do strive for high quality rabbits.  We welcome anyone interested to take a look at the babies themselves to evaluate prior to purchase.

Lionhead Bucks

King Joffrey (sable point buck)

sable point lionhead


Stormageddon Dark Lord of All (black VM buck)

black lionhead


Big Chief Whoolabum Boomalackaway (self chinchilla VM buck)

self chinchilla lionhead

Thor God of Thunder (black tort buck)

tort lionhead

Lionhead Does

Khaleesi Mother of Rabbits (blue-eyed white doe)

blue eyed white lionhead

Dolly Wells (sable point marten doe)

maryland lionhead breeder

Myla Goldberg (harlequin)

harlequin lionhead

Margaret in Captivity (blue VC doe)

blue lionhead

The Mighty Boosh (siamese sable doe lionlop) – Boosh is retired from breeding but we still love her