Lionhead Rabbits

Long time no post!  Yes… it has been an interesting year.  I will be blogging more about it on my personal blog.   Erynn will be taking over much of everything for the next batches of baby lionhead rabbits.  She had been caught up with her end of senior year activities.

Here are the baby bunnies that we have ready to go to their new homes now.

All are pedigreed lionhead rabbits – some are out of Dolly and Joffrey and some are out of Myla and Joffrey.  (I will be updating the blog as well here shortly as we have some new breeding does and bucks to post updated pictures of.

Some of these are not available (I’m waiting on two decision to be made which I think are over the harlequins) – so check with me at [email protected] if you are interested.

First up – the does.


This is a harlequin doe that is blue base (she is diluted).

harlequin lionhead rabbit blue base

harlequin lion head rabbit

harlequin lionhead rabbit dilute

This is a regular harlequin doe

harlequin lionhead rabbitharlequin lionhead rabbitharlequin lion head rabbit


This is a blue tort doe

blue tort lionhead rabbitblue tort lion head rabbitblue tort lionhead


This is blue magpie doe

magpie lionhead breeder marylandmagpie lionhead rabbitmagpie lionhead maryland


This is (teddy bear) sable point marten

teddy bear lionhead rabbitsable point marten lionheadsable point marten lionheadteddy bear lionhead



This is sable point buck

sable point lionheadsable point lion head rabbitsable point lionhead rabbit


This is a sable point marten buck

sable point marten lionheadsable point lionhead rabbitsable point marten lionhead


This is